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Katashi Commercial DX Split Systems

TT$55,195.80 (V.A.T. Incl.)

Commercial Direct Expansion Unit
Size: 15-ton (1 evaporator, 2 condensers)

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AC Service

TT$441.00TT$1,984.50 (V.A.T. Incl.)
  • 9,000 – 60,000 BTU
  • Single Service
  • 1 Year Service Contract (4 Services per Year / 1 Service per Quarter)

Amana PTAC Incremental Unit

TT$9,338.92 (V.A.T. Incl.)

Amana brand PTACs are designed with plain-and-simple product durability and advanced energy management features.

Size: 14000BTU

Metpro Aluminium Commercial Double Panel Pull Handle & Push Bar

  • Available dimensions: 86″ x 75 3/4″ (2178mm x 1918mm)
  • Usage: Commercial
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