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Tri Hex Pavers

These pavers can be used for heavy load bearing areas.

Quantity per pallet: 448

Unit price (plain): $4.02 VI

Unit price (coloured): $5.28 VI

Underpallet cost: $91.94 VI

Minimum purchase for free delivery: 2 pallets

If HIAB delivery is required, there will be an extra cost to be paid on site.

TT$1,891.22TT$2,455.70 (V.A.T. Incl.)

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Please ensure that when visiting the Bestcrete Factory, your attire includes closed-toe shoes and long pants. This is a safety precaution.

Create stunning surroundings that last a lifetime! Versatile, low maintenance and easy to install, these paving stones can transform driveways, patios and walkways, into surfaces that can make a distinctive statement.

Why buy Bestcrete pavers instead of other flooring options?

  • Beautiful
    No other material can compare to the warm texture of paving stones. They enhance the environment anywhere
  • Versatile
    Our paving stones come in a range of colours which allow for a wide range of creative possibilities
  • Load bearing
    The solid paving stone units are capable of handling heavy traffic and more durable than asphalt driveways
  • Easy installation
    No mortar is required between joints – just sand. Installation is as easy as following a few basic steps and can be a weekend DIY project
  • Low maintenance
    Paving stones are maintenance free and last a lifetime
  • Easy to remove
    Pavers can be easily taken up and reinstalled – the styles and patterns can be changed

Download the Landscaping and Retaining Wall Solutions brochure here.

Click here for installation instructions.

Additional information


3 5/32” H x 7 5/16” W x 3 5/8 D”
(80mm H x 186mm W x 92mm D)

Calculation for number of pavers required

L’ x W’ x 4.0


Grey (plain), red, black


8 5/8 lbs (3.87 kg)

Quantity per pallet